Clients are not limited to one or two programs — Vega Capital can design customized solutions to fit individual clients’ needs.



Vega Equity Star*

Vega Equity Star is a unique, proprietary program consisting of individual equity selections. First, we determine how to allocate the funds among each of the S&P 500's ten sectors, based on our view of macroeconomic conditions. Then, we select individual positions within each sector by relying on our own analysis and available market research on those positions.

On average, a Vega Equity Star portfolio consists of 30-40 equities. We define specific profit targets for each position and institute strict risk controls. In addition, the portfolio is actively traded. When market conditions warrant, we use option instruments either to mitigate risks or to increase the profitability of the portfolio. 

Vega Equity Star is a program for investors who seek to outperform the major market indices over the long run. Of course, no profit comes without risk — so investors who have their funds in the Vega Equity Star program should be prepared to sustain a significantly higher level of volatility.

*The Vega Equity Star is only suitable for qualified investors.

Vega Balanced

Vega Balanced is a highly customizable program that combines elements of Vega Equity Star, Vega ETF, and Vega Safety. The program aims to strike a dynamic balance between equities and fixed income securities, depending on each client’s objectives.

Vega Balanced is for investors who are comfortable with a measured degree of risk, but also seek to maintain a baseline level of safety.

Vega ETF

Vega ETF is a program that imitates the approach of the Vega Equity Star Program on a smaller scale. In other words, instead of buying individual equities, the portfolios in this program consist of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) with the same weighted allocation among S&P 500 sectors as the Vega Equity Star portfolios.

Vega ETF is for investors who seek the same unique Vega philosophy of equity selection as the Vega Equity Star program, but whose account size does not permit allocation to individual securities.

Vega Safety

Vega Safety is a fixed income program tailored to each individual investor based on age, income objectives, tax bracket, time horizon, etc. The program consists of a full spectrum of fixed income instruments, such as corporate bonds, municipal bonds, high-yield funds, REITs, and TIPS.

While all of the instruments are technically the same, yields and durations are customized to each client’s needs using mathematical algorithms. Each portfolio is highly customized — no two Vega Safety portfolios are the same.

Since the selection of fixed income instruments has become extremely large, interest rate behavior is as chaotic as ever, and the liquidity needs of each client vary greatly, a delicate approach to choosing the correct combination of these instruments is absolutely crucial.

Vega Safety is a program for investors who seek a relatively stable return on their assets without excess volatility.

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